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GRANT, whose middle name is “compromise” – I think not!


From the Great Wall of China to the sandy shores of America, the most solid person you could want to have if you were taking a team.


Married to a wonderful lady called Charlotte with two beautiful daughters, Alexandra and Miranda.


A keen and competitive sportsman who really wanted to follow his passion for motor racing.


One day, at the airport, travelling back from China, we played a trick on him.   He always wanted a Breitling watch for his motor racing.   Unknown to him, we bought him one in the duty free.   He had a watch, but it was cheap and tasteless.   One of our party asked Grant for his old watch which was freely given.   Whereupon it was dropped on the floor and smashed.   Grant was shocked and horrorified and even angry that someone could have smashed his watch.   As the new watch was produced, the joke was seen and this story endorses the trust that Grant always has in people, except in matters of golf where he gives no quarter.

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